Region 8 News November 2017

Our most recent regional meeting on October 8th was very productive; we discussed a lot of ideas and projects. In addition, we had conference calling for those far away and that was an awesome feature. Thank you NEDA for providing the phone! One of the topics brought up at the meeting was how the region can help or encourage the grass root competitors who are only going to schooling shows. Research is going to be done on ‘region’ recognized shows with yearend awards etc. and presented to our delegates at the USDF Convention. Other discussions were on funds raised for the PM Delegates. While Kate and Linda did a great job, they need help. Each of the PM delegates who benefit from receiving funds needs to do something towards the fund raising, such as find items for the silent auction, help with the silent auction or simply come up with another fund raiser.

By the way, at the convention, Region 8 suggests you wear a particular color(s) for the Board of Governors meeting. This year Friday will be Black and White, and on Saturday we are wearing Red!

NEDA hosted an awesome Carl Hester Symposium on October 14-15, 2017 at Pineland Farms. It is my understanding it was a huge success. While Region 8 does not have anything to do with the NEDA symposium, it was nice to have such a wonderful event and be successful in our region! Thank you NEDA and Pineland Farms!

In less than a week, I am leaving for the US Dressage Finals. We have about the same number of riders this year as compared to last year, and we will cheer our riders on. We will especially cheer those selected for the Region’s Cup.  Again our region’s riders will be given a hat and saddle pad with a wonderful Region 8 logo on them. Many thanks to NEDA and WNYDA for helping with the cost of the saddle pads and to Linda Mendenhall for sponsoring the hats. Big Thank you!!! Meanwhile, come help me cheer Region 8! Go Region 8!

I hope by now you all have made plans to come to the annual convention, Nov30-Dec 3! It is in Lexington, KY and the educational seminars are wonderful. There will be many topics discussed at the convention, so I hope you are coming.

As the year winds down, I hope you have done your year-end awards with your GMO and will be attending those banquets. The winter gives us all time to rejuvenate and an opportunity to read and attend educational seminars. GMOs, you should be doing un-mounted educational days, or training of volunteers such as scribes and stewards. Be creative. If you need ideas, we have several USDF Certified Instructors in our region who can certainly come up with ideas for you.

The fall has been kind with great riding temperature, but I fear temps will getting cooler. I hope you are all preparing for the winter. Have you body clipped your equine friend? Or are you giving them the winter off? Or, are you one of the lucky ones going south for the winter? Just an FYI…Managers are already submitting their 2017 prize lists and preparing for the coming season.

Our spring regional meeting will be held April 22, 2018, at the Publick House in Sturbridge, MA starting at ??? Start time for the meeting will be discussed at the USDF Convention Regional meeting. Please put the date on your calendar…No excuses…we‘ve planned well in advance!

Next month’s newsletter will be a short report on the US Dressage Finals and then it’s off to the convention.

See you on the Centerline…

Debra Reinhardt

USDF Region 8 Director