Region 8 News July 2017

Summer is finally here! Everyone is busy with showing and vacations!

We are only weeks away from the North American Junior/Young Rider Championships which are being held in HITS in Saugerties, NY, July 18-22, 2017.  Jen Dillon, our Regional Coordinator, and Jane Karol, our Chef d’equipe, have been busy getting the entries done and in to the FEI. The top four riders in each division will be members of the team. If a rider/horse is unable to compete, the next ranked rider/horse is allowed to step in. As it is not official yet who will be on the teams, I will not put them in this newsletter but watch for the announcement from USDF! We have strong teams this year!

NEDA Fall Festival opens on July 31st. There is a Championship window for the first six days. What this means is that if you are entering the Regional Championships (FYI-you don’t have to be qualified at the point of putting your entry in!) and get your entry in within these first six days you will not be denied any open classes. After this window, you will be guaranteed your championship class if your entry is RECEIVED by closing date, Aug 28th, but you may be put on the waitlist for open classes. I hope this helps with the explanation of the championship window a bit better!

Also NEDA always needs volunteers for the show. Please contact Helen VanDerVoort, They need everything from scribes to runners, and I know they put you up in a hotel and feed you well!!

Of course, if you are Champion and/or  Reserve Champion in the Regional Championship or you have reached a certain score (information on the USDF Website) AND you have declared, you will be invited to the US Dressage Finals in Lexington, KY, November 9-12, 2017. This is a head to head competition with the other regional champions. I am hoping for a big showing from Region 8 again.

DECLARATIONS are open now for the US Dressage Finals. Please remember you will have to declare that you are willing to go to the ‘finals’ if invited. This declaration must be done by the day before our Regional Championships start or September 20, 2017.  The USDF website will have more information. By declaring, you are only saying you would consider going, and it costs nothing to declare. If you are one of the invited, you will need to commit by nominating and pay the non-refundable class fee within 72 hours after the NEDA Fall Festival.

Next month is Lendon’s Youth Festival which is a great event for the kids. This event features the USDF youth team competition. This is a most incredible sight to see, where 40 plus teams parade into the main Grand Prix arena at HITS in Saugerties. They are all wearing team shirts, hats, and whatever else they created. It actually takes your breath away! If you have time to volunteer please contact Bonnie,, as I know she can use scribes.

Attention GMOs: newsletter, website, photography, and volunteer of the year nominations close August 30th. So before your summer gets under way, please submit them! It is a great way to get recognition for your GMO or an outstanding volunteer plus for Region 8! Here is the link with all the information….

Remember we will hold our next regional meeting on October 8, 2017, noon, at the Publick House in Sturbridge, MA. We do like meeting face to face and I hope you can spare the time to make it. However, we have been given the opportunity to use the NEDA conference hub and number for those of you too far away, so that you can call in. So no excuses! But you will miss the great food at Publick House and the great company!

See you on the Centerline…

Debra Reinhardt

USDF Region 8 Director