Region 8 News September 2017


As most of you know I entered ‘NEDA Jail’ on July 31st, as the show secretary. Sadly(LOL!!) I ONLY received 189 entries (we had over 200 last year) on opening day for NEDA Fall Festival aka Region 8 Championships. HOWEVER, the opening week we finished up with 370 entries and the front barns being nearly full. The show closed August 28th, with record number requesting championships rides of well over 600 again with wait list of over 200 rides. What this tells us is our Regional championships will again be a huge success thanks to NEDA and all their tireless hours of planning and work… NEDA has been lucky these past few years so I want everyone do the anti-rain dance!!! Did YOU all declare for the Nationals? If not, you have still have time. We want a HUGE, HUGE Region 8 presence!

A bit of interesting news from USEF came to me. Across the country, dressage shows are down 25-40% in attendance. Have they been down this much in Region 8? Are there less riders competing? OR are the riders coming to qualify and stop going to shows until the Championships?  Are riders getting very picky where they compete? Or are there too many shows? We may need to have a discussion at our Regional meetings in October and maybe again in December!

Speaking of USDF Annual Convention, this is will be held in Lexington, KY on November 29th to December2nd. I would hope many will come and that we can all get home on time!!!

Also, remember we will hold our next regional meeting on October 8, 2017, Noon, at the Publick House in Sturbridge, MA. We do like meeting face to face and I hope you can spare the time to make it. However, we have been given the opportunity to use the NEDA conference hub and number for those of you too far so that you can call in. So no excuses! But you will miss the great food at Publick House and the great company!


See you on the Centerline…

Debra Reinhardt

USDF Region 8 Director