Region 8 News January 2018

Happy New Year!

The USDF Convention was a great success in Lexington, KY. As usual I never saw the outside from the moment I arrived until I left for the airport! It is great to see fellow dressage people and network with other regions. The educational sessions were awesome!

As for the business end of the convention, our Region 8 meetings were so busy that we barely finished business. Jane-Marie Law from Cayuga Dressage & CT Assoc presented a very good proposal about having our region sponsor year end awards for schooling shows. Jane is putting the final touches and we hope to vote on it for at the spring regional meeting. It is a wonderful program and will really benefit the grass root riders in our region!

The Board of Governors meeting was very informative. The only hot topic was US Dressage Finals and if and when it should move west. The BOG voted on having the US Dressage Finals Organizing Committee report to the At-Large-Director so that information or questions regarding the finals should be available. The OC is also to look at the impact of including JrYR at the US Dressage Finals.

At the BOG, the delegates also voted on At-Large-Directors. Only one Director was contested and our very own Sue McKeown won! Welcome Sue to the Executive Board…and let the fun begin.

There is some important information regarding qualifying this year for Regional Championships. Starting last year you are allowed to ride more than one qualifying class per day at a show. So you can ride Training test 3 class as Qualifier and Training test of choice class as Qualifier if you ride Training Test 3 in that class. HOWEVER, only one qualifying score will count per show. This year the cost of that qualifier will be $15 instead of $10. This fee has not been raised since the conception of the USDF Regional Championships. The additional money will increase prize money and contribute to the travel stipend for the US Dressage Finals.

Speaking of US Dressage Finals, our region does wish to continue to give saddle pads and hats to the riders who go to the finals. This year we will not need as much as we have some left over, but we will still need $800. So if you know anyone or any group or company that would like to help, please contact me,

Speaking of the Spring meeting; it will be April 22 at the Publick House in Sturbridge, MA at 2pm. At all the regional meetings I have made it clear that I am not going to be making the decisions of where activities are held or what activities are held or even what our Region does. This is YOUR region and it is your decision. At these meetings, we will vote on issues. Delegates, both PM and GM, will carry the number of votes they carried at the convention. So it will be important for delegates to come for sure but even if you are not a delegate, it will be a huge education to learn what the region is doing. You will have a great opportunity to voice your opinion and to participate and get involved. I urge everyone to come.

Give hugs and kisses to our equine partners…and STAY WARM!

See you on the Centerline…

Debra Reinhardt

USDF Region 8 Director